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The Eating Problems Service provides workshops for those who would like to explore their eating patterns and perception of their bodies in a supportive environment. There are also specialist workshops for professional practitioners.


The Eating Problems Service runs a variety of workshops for clients and professionals. Here are the details of workshops happening soon:

The Impact of Eating Problems on Men

Eating disorders are increasing rapidly amongst men. We live in a culture which puts a high value on a fit body. In order to meet this ideal many men fall into a pattern of bingeing and starving or exercising obsessively. The Eating Problems Service offers an experiential workshop which asks men to question how they value themselves and understand the basis for their actions.

Men who attend the workshop have the opportunity to:

  • Explore the impact the food and eating can have on self-esteem and relationships
  • Examine their own body image and consider how our culture and the media influence that image
  • Understand how our bodies work and the relationship between exercise and eating

Follow-up sessions are available.

Cost: £95 for a one day workshop

Location: London

Dates: 18 September, 16 October, 20 November

The Body Project

The Eating Problems Service has always been dedicated to projects that are thought provoking and innovative. Since its inception, the EPS is determined to break ground on new and challenging programs for users of our service.

In the UK, 1.5 million people suffer from diagnosed and undiagnosed eating problems. Many of them are adolescent, and many of them suffer in silence. At the EPS we feel this is an unacceptable solution to a preventable problem. For many children, feelings about their body image, eating and nutrition starts in formal education. The Body Project is a series of workshops that allows teenagers to explore, expand and enlighten themselves through education and experience.

The Body Project provides participants aged 14 - 17 with a supportive environment in which important issues about how they feel about their body and their health are addressed.

The participants are given the opportunity to:

  • Explore their relationship to their bodies and to eating
  • Examine how body image has an impact on self esteem and relationships
  • Learn about the role nutrition and exercise plays in mental and physical health
  • Understand how ideas about body image are influenced by the media
  • Look at the deeper emotional causes of disordered eating and eating disorders
  • Share their stories and experiences

The workshop is lively and invigorating. Much of it will be participative and experiential. Popular music, drama therapy and discussion are used by the facilitators, Mary Wood and Amy Alexander. They are experienced in responding to the individual needs of participants and use each exercise to explore emotional responses, dispel myths and discuss current concerns.

There will also be an instructive element including practical information on the effects of dieting, metabolic rate, and hormonal changes. This will support the girls in making positive and sustainable decisions about their eating and lifestyle.

Participants will use music and dance as another way to explore their relationship with their bodies. This part of the workshop will be led by a qualified occupational therapist who is also a qualified dance instructor.

Horse Harmony

Our ‘Horse Harmony’ programme uses the innate gentleness and intuition of horses as a catalyst in helping vulnerable people develop self-knowledge and achieve self-confidence.

Participants interact with the horses through playing, talking, grooming and leading them in a sequence of structured exercises. In a beautiful setting in Oxfordshire, participants are introduced to the herd of seven horses, each of which makes its individual contribution to the interaction of the group, both equine and human.

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