General Information

The Eating Problems Service has a National Network of counsellors, all of whom have extensive experience in helping people with eating problems and eating disorders.

We provide a high standard of understanding and care, using a holistic approach to all of our clients' needs. Our counsellors believe that each person with an eating problem is an individual with needs and a rich and interesting life history.

Our approach

You will be treated with respect and understanding so that counselling sessions can be used to find the confidence to make permanent changes in your understanding of yourself.

Counselling sessions help you change your relationship with food, eating and body image. Those who benefit from counselling include people caught in a never ending cycle of bingeing, craving and dieting and those who have developed a persistent eating disorder. Counselling will help you to address important emotional issues in your life and then to see how they effect your relationship with food.

How we work

We promote empowerment of the client with eating problems so that they are involved in establishing and carrying out solutions. Here are some of the issues that often need to be addressed in counselling sessions:

  • the complex emotional and behavioural factors that underlie an eating disorder
  • the impact of eating on self esteem and relationships with others
  • the influence of our families, peers and culture on body image
  • the psychological and physiological causes of hunger
  • the role of exercise in a balanced approach to life
  • Finding a counsellor

    Please contact us by phone or email and we will put you in touch with a counsellor who can help you. We offer face to face and telephone counselling. When specialist advice is necessary, our counsellors work with a dietician, nutritionist or exercise specialist to ensure that individual needs are met.

    We have several counsellors who make low-cost places available to clients. Contact us for more information about these.