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If you are concerned about how you use food or about your body
image, you have taken an important and positive step by visiting this website today.

How we can help

At the Eating Problems Service, we understand the anxieties that many people feel about what they eat, their weight, or their body image. We know how these concerns can blight lives - and lead to binge eating, bulimia, anorexia or even self-harm. Which is why we specialise in giving support and help to people like yourself, and your family and friends.

The National Network of professionals who work for the Eating Problems Service are fully-qualified psychotherapists and counsellors, who are deeply committed to helping clients with eating problems and disorders. We also have exercise specialists and nutritionists who provide further support and advice as required.

Individual counselling and workshops

It is important that you get the right kind of help for your particular situation. Contact us, and we will help you decide whether individual counselling or a one-day workshop would be of greatest benefit.

For a confidential talk and to find out more information about the Eating Problems Service, call Mary Wood on 020 7602 0862, or e-mail us at post@eatingproblems.org

Channel 4 is making a new TV series about EATING HABITS and would like to hear from people about their experiences

· Is a food obsession taking over your life?

· Has a dedication to healthy eating gone too far?

· Are you only able to eat certain sorts of foods?

· Are your eating habits having an impact on your loved ones?

· Would you like some help?

An estimated 80% of the British population have major issues with food.

We'd like to hear from people who want to change their relationship with food with the help of a dedicated eating expert.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, and would like to hear more about the programme, please call: 020 7290 0660 and ask for Hannah or Rachael or email hannahl@bettytv.co.uk

You can also ring Mary at The Eating Problems Service on 020 7602 0862 and talk completely confidentially or email mary@eatingproblems.org


Click here to have a look at the Daily Telegraph feature on Pregnancy and Body Image from the 28th of March 2005.

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Click here to have a look at the Mail On Sunday - 'You' magazine Special Report from the 23rd of November 2003.

WORKSHOPS: See our Training and Workshops page for availability.

The Body Project

"My eating disorder put me a very dark and isolated place. I didn't talk to anyone and I didn't like myself. It's really important to find someone you can trust and talk to them. That is why I feel The Body Project is so important." - Melanie C

Go to our Workshops page to read more about our informative workshop for adolescents.

Television Programme about Binge Eating

Evolve Television is developing a one hour special for BBC Three about binge eating. The disorder is not really understood and we want to show the impact it has on people’s lives as well as the road to recovery.

We are looking for someone who’s willing for us to follow them on their journey to overcome the disorder. We would take careful to safeguard your recovery . The aim of the programme is to raise important issues in a positive and inspirational way.

If you are aged between 15 – 25 and are interested in finding out more please get in touch with Jane Fellner on 0207 415 7188 or jane@evolvetelevision.co.uk. Any contact would be for research purposes and be completely confidential.

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